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2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE
What is CNG car
New Koenigsegg CC850
New Bugatti Mistral
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2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE has Some New Significant Changes?
2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE has Some New Significant Changes?

New Mercedes AMG C63 SE Overview Since its introduction, the Mercedes-AMG C63 has been known as a feisty little bruiser because of the manufacturer’s ability to pack a great amount of V8 power into the car’s compact premium chassis. However, the C63 must adapt to the new era. Despite the fact that the 2024 model […]

What is CNG Car, Is CNG Better than Gasoline Cars?
What is CNG Car, Is CNG Better than Gasoline Cars?

What is CNG Car? You may read a lot of articles online that will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in a CNG vehicle. What is CNG car, Why is it better than other cars? How to get a CNG car in your […]

New Koenigsegg CC850: Get a Full Review
New Koenigsegg CC850: Get a Full Review

New Koenigsegg CC850 Overview Few companies can match Koenigsegg’s level of originality, innovation, and clout. The new Koenigsegg CC850 is the ultimate supercar. Get the full story on this incredible car. What started as a small Swedish boutique car manufacturer is now one of the driving forces for innovation thanks to its incredible technological advances, […]

New Bugatti Mistral $5M Hypercar Already Sold Out?
New Bugatti Mistral $5M Hypercar Already Sold Out?

New Bugatti Mistral Overview To put it simply, the new Bugatti Mistral roadster is the manufacturer’s last model to be powered by the W-16 engine. The new Bugatti Mistral. A modern classic in the making. The roofless Mistral, based on the Chiron coupe, is expected to be the world’s quickest production open-top vehicle, according to […]

Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph In Just 5 Seconds, Quickest Truck In The World?
Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph In Just 5 Seconds, Quickest Truck In The World?

Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds? The Truck’s surprise feature was disclosed alongside its remarkable specifications, which included a 500-mile range on a single charge and the ability to operate autonomously in a group of other semis. The manufacturer claims that when the vehicle is not pulling a trailer, it can reach […]

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Cupra Born is a compact electric car sub brand by the SEAT company. SEAT unveiled the el-Born concept in 2019 and now the production car has been revealed as the Cupra Born. The Cupra el-Born vehicle was unveiled in March 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. It featured driver assistance technologies in the vehicle and Autonomous Level 2 Driving capability. The prototype car at Geneva Motor Show was using a battery pack of 62 kWh, with an estimated range of 420 kilometers (261 miles) (WLTP). A temperature management mechanism was built inside the battery so that it could be supercharged at a rate of 100 kilowatts. When it came to acceleration, it was capable of 0–100 km/hour (0–62 mph) in about 7.5 seconds with a 150-kilowatt (201-horsepower) motor. The production of the Cupra Born was confirmed in July 2020 mentioned that it is going to be sold under the Cupra sub-brand. They also mentioned that it is going to have a larger battery pack than the el-Born prototype car. Cupra changed the name of Cupra el-Born to Cupra Born later in February 2021.


The Born is the brand’s first fully electric vehicle, after Leon and Formentor’s introduction of plug-in hybrid powertrain options. An up to 16,000rpm permanent magnet synchronous motor is positioned at the rear of the vehicle, and it is coupled to an automatic transmission and differential. A total of four lithium-ion battery and motor combinations will be available to customers. Initial models will have a range of 211 miles on 45kWh models, while higher-powered models will have ranges of 265 miles on their higher-powered counterparts (58kWh and 204bhp).

Like the ID 3, the ID 4’s top-of-the-line models are equipped with a 77kWh battery, which offers a 335-mile range. The most powerful variant has a 231bhp engine that accelerates the hatchback from 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds. This means the largest battery can be charged to 62 miles in seven minutes using 125kW power, while the 5-80 percent charge takes 35 minutes using the same power source. In addition to the custom-branded wallbox, Cupra’s new Easy Charging smartphone app allows users to charge their devices at home using the Cupra-branded wallbox. Wider tyres (215mm as normal, although 235mm is also available) improve grip and stability. They’re mounted on 18- to 20-inch alloy wheels. 


Its design is almost alike to the Volkswagen ID 3 but arises with its energetic design and instantaneous performance. The front-end styling of the Cupra Born is a bit aggressive, with a lot of actual air intakes and a pair of angular LED headlights and pointy front end likens to a shark’s nose. The lower grille has some copper accents, as do the alloy wheels. The Cupra Born comes standard with 18-inch wheels, while top-spec models get 20-inch alloy wheels. Furthermore in terms of proportions, the Born is essentially identical to the MEB-based Volkswagen ID 3, measuring 4322mm long, 1809mm wide and 1537mm high, with a 2767mm wheelbase.  

For the CUPRA Born, MEB has created a Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (DCC Sport) that combines the sporty driving height of the car with a system that adapts to any situations, delivering a greater degree of driving dynamics. The sport bucket seats, the revised steering wheel with Drive Profile Selection and CUPRA mode buttons, as well as the high-quality materials, are all designed to express the CUPRA philosophy of quality, performance, and sophistication. With a focus on sustainability, CUPRA used recycled materials in the car’s interior, as well as strong attention to detail.

Extra Feature

To operate the key convenience features, all Borns will be equipped with a 12.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with an augmented reality head-up display. A fully digital gauge cluster and touch-sensitive iconography will also be standard. Also incorporated are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Cupra Connect app serves as a gateway for all connectivity capabilities. To lessen the car’s environmental impact, Cupra says a large portion of the Born’s interior is made from eco-friendly materials. So the bucket seats are constructed from Seaqual yarn, which is manufactured from recycled marine plastics, and the door panels and seats are made from recycled Dinamica microfiber.

Predictive adaptive cruise control, travel assistance, traffic sign recognition, emergency assistance, and pre-crash assistance are all included in the package. High-beam assist technology, a top-view camera and intelligent parking assist are all available as options.


Cupra will begin producing left-hand-drive Borns in September 2021, but right-hand-drive vehicles for the UK will not be available until later. To get your hands on one, you’ll have to wait until late 2021 or early 2022. UK price rates are supposed to be announced in the final quarter of 2021, before deliveries start in early 2022. Expect a slight premium over the ID 3, with a starting price of just under £35,000 to ensure lower-spec models qualify for the government’s electric car grant.


A superb combination between performance and electrification is demonstrated by the Cupra Born. According to Cupra and Seat executive vice president of research and development, Werner Tietz: “It’s a game-changer in the market.” Born will “contribute to CO2 reduction without any compromises,” he stated.

Since it is a compact performance EV, Cupra wants Cupra Born to stay ahead of the competition.

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