May 21, 2024

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2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE
What is CNG car
New Koenigsegg CC850
New Bugatti Mistral
Tesla Semi Truck
2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE has Some New Significant Changes?
2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE has Some New Significant Changes?

New Mercedes AMG C63 SE Overview Since its introduction, the Mercedes-AMG C63 has been known as a feisty little bruiser because of the manufacturer’s ability to pack a great amount of V8 power into the car’s compact premium chassis. However, the C63 must adapt to the new era. Despite the fact that the 2024 model […]

What is CNG Car, Is CNG Better than Gasoline Cars?
What is CNG Car, Is CNG Better than Gasoline Cars?

What is CNG Car? You may read a lot of articles online that will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in a CNG vehicle. What is CNG car, Why is it better than other cars? How to get a CNG car in your […]

New Koenigsegg CC850: Get a Full Review
New Koenigsegg CC850: Get a Full Review

New Koenigsegg CC850 Overview Few companies can match Koenigsegg’s level of originality, innovation, and clout. The new Koenigsegg CC850 is the ultimate supercar. Get the full story on this incredible car. What started as a small Swedish boutique car manufacturer is now one of the driving forces for innovation thanks to its incredible technological advances, […]

New Bugatti Mistral $5M Hypercar Already Sold Out?
New Bugatti Mistral $5M Hypercar Already Sold Out?

New Bugatti Mistral Overview To put it simply, the new Bugatti Mistral roadster is the manufacturer’s last model to be powered by the W-16 engine. The new Bugatti Mistral. A modern classic in the making. The roofless Mistral, based on the Chiron coupe, is expected to be the world’s quickest production open-top vehicle, according to […]

Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph In Just 5 Seconds, Quickest Truck In The World?
Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph In Just 5 Seconds, Quickest Truck In The World?

Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds? The Truck’s surprise feature was disclosed alongside its remarkable specifications, which included a 500-mile range on a single charge and the ability to operate autonomously in a group of other semis. The manufacturer claims that when the vehicle is not pulling a trailer, it can reach […]

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Tesla Inc. Overview

Tesla Inc. is an American automobile car company founded with the innovative idea of “electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than gasoline cars”. Tesla was founded by a group of American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003. The company “Tesla” was named after Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist Nikola Tesla. Elon Musk, who provided the majority of the startup funding, has been the company’s CEO since 2008. Tesla’s purpose, according to Musk, is to assist accelerate the transition to more sustainable transportation and energy, which will be achieved through electric vehicles and solar power. Today Tesla has a factory in Fremont, California, and a Gigafactory in Shanghai.

Tesla Inc. EV Production

Robotic Manufacturing of Tesla Model S By Tesla Inc.
Robotic Manufacturing of Tesla Model S – Image by Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia Commons

When we are talking about tesla, we have to know what is an electric vehicle and the difference between a traditional vehicle and an electric vehicle. Electric cars can reduce emissions which means that they are good for the environment. Since they do not rely on Gasoline, they can even save us money. No gas, no emission. Electric vehicles have various advantages that traditional internal combustion engine vehicles do not have. Think of your mobile phone and how you use it. You can plug in your electric vehicle when you go home and it will be ready to use the next morning. Because the electric grid is nearly everywhere not to mention Tesla has more than 25,000 superchargers, there are many charging options at home, at work, or on the road. You may never need to go to a petrol station again if you charge frequently.

Tesla charging stations at Pacific Fair, Queensland by Tesla Inc.
Tesla charging stations at Pacific Fair, Queensland – Image by Kgbo via Wikimedia Commons

Tesla released its first car Roadster in 2008, and it was completely electric. It achieved 245 miles on a single charge challenging many automobile industries. It has an acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds with a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour. The vehicle’s electric motor was powered by lithium-ion cells, which are also used in the batteries seen in laptop computers and could be recharged using a standard electric outlet. In 2012 Tesla stopped the production of the Roadster to focus on their next automobile Model S Sedan.

2008 Tesla Roadster by Tesla Inc.
2008 Tesla Roadster – Image by Jim Culp Via Flickr

Model S sedan was available with three different battery configurations, each with a range of 235 or 300 miles (379 or 483 km). The battery choice with the best performance accelerated from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96 kmp/h) in just over 4 seconds and reached a max speed of 130 miles per hour (209 kmp/h). Unlike the Roadster, which had its batteries in the front, the Model S had them under the floor, which allowed for more storage in the front and enhanced handling due to its low center of gravity. Tesla Autopilot, a sort of semiautonomous driving, was introduced to the Model S in 2014. (and later on, other models).

Tesla Model S by Tesla Inc.
Tesla Model S – Image by harry_nl via Flickr

The Model X is a mid-size crossover SUV from Tesla. It comes in three different passenger capacities: five, six, and seven. The passenger doors feature vertically opening “falcon-wing” designs. The Model X was built on the Model S’s full-sized sedan basis. The first deliveries were made in September 2015. In 2016, the Model X ranked eighth among the world’s best-selling plug-in automobiles after a full year on the market. With an estimated 57,327 units sold until September 2018, the United States is the company’s primary market.

Tesla Model X by Tesla Inc.
Tesla Model X – Image by Don McCullough via Flickr

On March 14, 2019, the Model Y was unveiled. The Model Y began deliveries on March 13, 2020. The Tesla Model Y is built at both the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California, and Giga Shanghai, China. Once the factory is operational, Giga Berlin is intended to build a Model Y variant. The Model Y is a crossover utility vehicle that is tiny in size. The Model Y is constructed on the same platform as Model 3 and uses many of the same components. The automobile can seat up to seven people in three rows, has a cargo capacity of 66 cubic feet when the second and third rows are folded, and has a speed of up to 300 miles (480 km).

Tesla Model Y by Tesla Inc.
Tesla Model Y – Image by Damian B Oh via Wikimedia Commons

Did You Think Tesla Produces Only Electric Cars? Nop!

Tesla inc. not only makes automobiles but also infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products. Tesla began building Supercharger stations in the United States and Europe in 2012, with the goal of charging Tesla users’ batteries quickly and for no additional cost. Solar energy items were also added to the company. In 2015, a series of batteries for storing solar energy for usage in homes and businesses was unveiled. In 2016, Tesla purchased SolarCity, a solar panel manufacturer. The company changed its name to Tesla, Inc. in 2017 to reflect the fact that the company no longer only sold vehicles. Powerwall, powerpack, and solar roof which enables homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, energy storage, and consumption are some of the other products. And also, Tesla owns and runs the world’s largest global fast-charging network, with over 25,000 Superchargers. Superchargers are located on major highways near convenient amenities to keep you charged while you’re away from home. Simply plug it in, charge it, and you’re ready to go.

Tesla Tilburg Assembly Plant Roof Solar by Tesla Inc.
Tesla Tilburg Assembly Plant Roof Solar – Image by Jakob Härter via Flickr
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