May 21, 2024

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2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE
What is CNG car
New Koenigsegg CC850
New Bugatti Mistral
Tesla Semi Truck
2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE has Some New Significant Changes?
2024 Mercedes AMG C63 SE has Some New Significant Changes?

New Mercedes AMG C63 SE Overview Since its introduction, the Mercedes-AMG C63 has been known as a feisty little bruiser because of the manufacturer’s ability to pack a great amount of V8 power into the car’s compact premium chassis. However, the C63 must adapt to the new era. Despite the fact that the 2024 model […]

What is CNG Car, Is CNG Better than Gasoline Cars?
What is CNG Car, Is CNG Better than Gasoline Cars?

What is CNG Car? You may read a lot of articles online that will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in a CNG vehicle. What is CNG car, Why is it better than other cars? How to get a CNG car in your […]

New Koenigsegg CC850: Get a Full Review
New Koenigsegg CC850: Get a Full Review

New Koenigsegg CC850 Overview Few companies can match Koenigsegg’s level of originality, innovation, and clout. The new Koenigsegg CC850 is the ultimate supercar. Get the full story on this incredible car. What started as a small Swedish boutique car manufacturer is now one of the driving forces for innovation thanks to its incredible technological advances, […]

New Bugatti Mistral $5M Hypercar Already Sold Out?
New Bugatti Mistral $5M Hypercar Already Sold Out?

New Bugatti Mistral Overview To put it simply, the new Bugatti Mistral roadster is the manufacturer’s last model to be powered by the W-16 engine. The new Bugatti Mistral. A modern classic in the making. The roofless Mistral, based on the Chiron coupe, is expected to be the world’s quickest production open-top vehicle, according to […]

Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph In Just 5 Seconds, Quickest Truck In The World?
Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph In Just 5 Seconds, Quickest Truck In The World?

Tesla Semi Truck 0-60 mph in just 5 seconds? The Truck’s surprise feature was disclosed alongside its remarkable specifications, which included a 500-mile range on a single charge and the ability to operate autonomously in a group of other semis. The manufacturer claims that when the vehicle is not pulling a trailer, it can reach […]

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BMW has created the blackest car on the planet and it looks awesome. This is called the VANTA Black Car and VANTA stands for “Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array”. VANTA Black was first produced by British experts at Surrey NanoSystems in 2014. This is made of a matrix that is created with microscopic bits of carbon. So, how is this possible?. Let me explain it you how we see colors through our eyes.

The material covering absorbs 99.965 percent of incident radiation, including visible light and other common frequencies such as microwaves and radio waves, rendering it invisible to the naked eye. It’s so dark that you’re peering into a void from which no light can escape. “When a light particle strikes the material, it bounces around between the tubes, is absorbed, and transformed to heat. “Light comes in, but it can’t leave,” says Ben Jensen, the company’s chief technical officer. The automobile was on exhibit from September 14 to 24 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

How it is possible?

First, an object receives light and it absorbs some of it. Let’s take an example of a red car. We know that light is made up of several colors. Then, from these colors, that object absorbs all other colors and reflects only the red color except other colors. This reflected light wave enters the eye and travels to the retina, which is positioned in the rear of the eye. Millions of light-sensitive cells known as rods and cones cover the retina. These cells provide signals to the brain when they receive light. Cone cells assist in the detection of colors.

If we are seeing an object as fully wight then it reflects all the colors without absorbing any of them. If it is a black car it does not reflect any color by absorbing all of the colors. But, there is a catch. Because these are not 100% accurately done. If an object absorbs all the colors we can’t even see it. And also when light is absorbed that atoms produce heat.

Vantablack is a brand name for a family of super-black coatings having total hemispherical reflectances below 1.5 percent in the visible spectrum. Rather than reflecting light as other automobile coatings do, it absorbs it and converts it to heat. We suggest you not leave the BMW Vantablack X6 in the sun for too long. 


The paint has a strange effect on the X6 in that it completely erases any three-dimensionality from the SUV’s design. It seems completely flat. We know it isn’t, because we’ve seen the new X6 painted in different colors. In Vantablack, the X6’s curved side panels, fiercely duck-tailed rear liftgate, and rippling hood all disappear under a sea of black so gloomy it’s like peering into a black hole. We’re sure this was intended, but the super-black paint certainly makes the X6’s laser headlamps, LED taillamps, and sleek light-up kidney grilles more striking. These brightly lighted components appear to float in space against the Vantablack paint. 


The automotive paint required for the world’s blackest black would be incredibly expensive, not to mention potentially dangerous on the road due to its absorption spectrum level. The technology, on the other hand, is slated for use in laser-based sensor groupings for driver assistance systems, and therefore in autonomous driving.


BMW is using the Vantablack VBx2 coating to commemorate the debut of the next generation of the X6 SUV. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the 2020 X6 without the coating is $64,300. The color on the BMW is spectacular, but Jensen doesn’t feel ready for the road just yet. “Developing a Vantablack VBx2 automobile paint that is durable enough for everyday usage is a significant technological challenge,” he stated. 

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